Best Canadian Slots Online 2021

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It will not be difficult to find the best online slots for players who live in Canada. Many gambling sites as well as software development companies have relevant licenses to offer their services in this country legally. In fact, online gambling Canada is quite popular, and slots are among the most often played casino games. The abundance of such gaming products is good, on the one hand, but it may also be overwhelming, on the other. Read this article to learn how to find ideal slots Canada to enjoy a fantastic time and win money.

How to Play Online Slots

Gamers can play online slots in Canada right from their home. However, it is possible to enjoy them while sitting at a cafe for instance. The thing is that gambling online is available across different devices. Among others, you can use PCs, smartphones, tablets, and other devices. When it comes to mobile gambling, you can either download an application compatible with the OS of your device or use a specially adapted web-based version.

It is possible to play slot games in two modes:

The first one is offered by some casinos without signing up. Gamers do not even need to make any deposit to access this mode. It is suitable for every player, including those who just need to gain some experience and players who are simply not in a mood to gamble for real money. While this mode is not associated with any risk, it will not bring any money as well.

Switch to the second mode to start earning money. It is available for registered users. Since you will place wagers, add some money to your account first. Good online casinos offer a decent variety of payment methods that players can use depending on their location and preferences.

To start playing such games, click on the Spin button. Its position and design depend on the game. This will bring the reels in motion. The game outcome is determined based on the game specifics, such as the number of paylines, availability of features, and others. All winnings will be added to your balance, while all losses will be deducted from it. Everything is so simple that such games are suitable for any player. You will not have to learn complicated rules before you play such games. It is, however, recommended to have a look at a paytable to get an idea of how winning combos are paid and how features work.

Different Types of Online Slots

Canadian online slots come in lots of different types. On many gambling sites, you will find filtering and sorting options that you can use for picking the best variants. If you go through the list of top online slots, you will see that it is a mix of various types of slots. So, there is no single option that everyone likes. You will be able to determine what you prefer by trying different types of slot games.

Classic and Video Slots

Classic slots are those that come with three reels and have traditional symbols such as fruits. Those are very much like the first basic slot machines. Usually, there is a single payline in the middle.

Video slots are more sophisticated since this is where the creativity of game developers knows no boundaries. They may come with amazing graphics, beautifully animated elements, a bunch of features, and more. Today, it is possible to play fantastic 3D slots.

Branded Slots

This type of slot games stands out from the crowd. They are themed after famous TV shows, celebrities, comics, etc. Such primarily aim at attracting fans of their favorite characters and storylines. The collection of such slots is increasing all the time because new popular variants appear, attracting an army of fans.

Slots with Fixed or Non-Fixed Paylines

Some online slots Canada come with a certain number of paylines that can either be changed or not. If it is a fixed number of paylines, then you can only adjust your bet size. If paylines are not fixed, then you can also choose the number of lines that you wish to place your bet on.


One of the factors considered by players is a slot theme. There are most commonly met options, such as the Egyptian theme, Christmas, ocean, space, and the rare ones. Software developers often try to come up with unusual ideas to attract players. Sometimes, they use popular themes and add an interesting element to the game.

Slots With or Without Jackpots

Some slots do not offer any jackpots. They may still be interesting to play. Also, it is a good option for players with a limited budget. The thing is that to get a chance to hit the main prize, gamers must make a maximum bet.

There are two types of slots that come with jackpots. The first one offers a fixed amount of money, while the other is progressive. This means that it is getting bigger and bigger with every bet until it is finally won by someone.

Slots with Different Features

Features available in slots are one of the most important factors considered by players because they allow winning more money. Another reason why they are popular is that they make gameplay more engaging. Some popular features include extra, gamble features, multipliers, and others.

Playing Online Slots for Real Money

Before starting playing slots for real money, it is recommended to check out casinos’ reviews to find the best variants. In particular, you need to find online gambling destinations offering various bonuses and a good collection of slot games. You can also pick variants based on their ratings if you are not sure what you should choose.

To access gambling in a real-money mode, you need to sign up with the chosen casino first and then make a deposit. Make sure to switch to this mode since you can often access games in a free play mode, too.

Before you start spinning the reels of the game, you need to adjust the size of your bet. In this case, you need to pick the number of paylines (if they are not fixed) and the bet size. You can either click on the Spin button each time, or you can choose autoplay mode if it is available. Then the gameplay is conducted based on the game rules.

About Slots Volatility and RTP

When picking the best online slot Canada, you need to pay attention to such criteria as volatility and RTP.

The first one means the frequency and the size of winnings. It can be used to estimate risks associated with gambling. The volatility of slots can be high, medium, or low. The lower the volatility of a slot, the lower the risks and the smaller the prizes are. The medium level will be suitable for those who do not like either low or high options.

As for the RTP, it is another valuable factor that you should consider. It stands for return to player and means the amount of money that players get back from their wagers. The higher the criteria, the better it is for gamblers. A good RTP starts at 94%.

So, how can you find out about such factors? Some online casinos publish full descriptions of each slot game. If there is no one for the slot game you like, detailed info on it on the Internet.

How to Win Playing Online Slot Games

There are different things that you can do in order to ensure good winnings in slot games. However, it is also important to be prepared for losses. It is simply impossible to win every time whatever you do. While winning slots mainly depends on your luck, some things may help you achieve better results.

In particular, you can pick something from the top online slots Canada that come with high RTP. It will also be useful to go through online slots reviews to find the best variants.

Online Slot Machines Tips for Beginners

If you are a beginner, it may be challenging for you to find perfect games. So, how will you be able to do that? Check out the following tips that will be very helpful for you:

Tip 1 — Pick a slot by the theme

If you wish to keep the gameplay enjoyable, then you should pick a slot with the theme that you like. The choice of options is really huge. It can be a game inspired by the ocean, TV shows, cultures, and more.

Tip 2 — Choose games based on the RTP

Games with high RTPs offer greater winnings. That is because players will get more money from the funds that have been wagered. Slots with higher RTPs offer better chances of winning. Therefore, if your goal is to earn something and not only have some fun, consider this option. However, it is worth noting that some slots, for instance, branded options, usually come with lower RTPs. Players still choose them because the pleasure from playing such games is worth spending a bit more money.

Tip 3 — Play slot games in a free mode first

There is a free mode provided for online casino slot games. It is perfect for beginners because they can see how everything works. This allows gaining necessary knowledge and experience. The mode is also great for checking out new slot games.

Switch to a practice mode to play slot games of different types. This is how you will be able to see the difference between slots with different volatility levels, RTPs, and other factors. Also, it is a good way to implement different strategies.

Tip 4 — Select games based on volatility

Your choice of volatility totally depends on your gaming style. What do you prefer? Is it greater risk and higher potential winnings or smaller risk and lower winnings? Remember that you can switch to the practice mode to experiment with different options. Your choice should also be based on your budget.

Remember that if you pick slots with high volatility, you can go a long run without winning anything. Therefore, you need to have lots of money to invest in the gaming process until you finally hit a great prize. If your budget is limited, then you should pick slots with low volatility, which will allow you to enjoy smaller prizes frequently.

Tip 5 — Consider jackpot slot games

One of the best options to win good money is to pick slot games that come with jackpots. Their sizes range from small jackpots to enormous ones amounting to millions of dollars. You should be able to find lots of such variants. However, the options available for you depend on the gambling venue and software providers that it uses. For instance, progressive slot games from Microgaming, such as Mega Moolah, are extremely popular since they give a chance to win huge prizes.

Tip 5 — Start playing classic slot games

If you do not have any previous experience in playing slot games, you can begin your interesting journey with picking classic variants. Those come with three reels and only one payline. Usually, no additional features are available in such games. The reason why players should start with this type of game is that they are extremely easy to play. Everything is straightforward since you will not be overwhelmed with plenty of features and other elements. Go through the collection of games available to find the best Internet slot.

Tips 6 — Find the best strategies

Slots can be played by gamers without any previous experience because everything that they need for that is to adjust their bet size and click on the Spin button. However, it is still possible to implement some strategies to enjoy greater chances of winning. Those may be general tips on winning slot games or detailed recommendations on how to win particular slot games.

Tip 7 — Manage your bankroll properly

It is important to be wise when it comes to your budget. You do not want to get too excited and spend all your money on a few bets. Chasing your losses is a poor strategy as well. It is recommended to dedicate to gambling only that money that you are willing to lose if luck is not by your side. It can be a budget per day, week, month, etc.

Tip 8 — Opt for bonuses and promos

Offering attractive bonuses and promos is a usual thing for online casinos. They include various options from welcome bonuses to loyalty points. You may be provided with free spins or credits on all or certain slot machine games. It is important to mind the terms attached to such offers. They include playthrough requirements, timeframes, and others.


Which online slots payout the most?

How generous a casino game depends largely on its RTP, and it depends on the name. Selecting the best payout online slots is usually a better idea, as it will be more generous and yield more winnings. A slot with an RTP of 95 percent pays out $95 when you spent a $100. This means that the casino charges $5 for every $100 wager. This in turn means that the slot machine has a 5 percent advantage.

Which are the best online slots in Canada?

The internet is overflowing with thousands of different slots for players to pick from. These slots already came a long way in the years from the one-armed bandits that filled gaming halls in the past, to the interactive video slots that we know today. The best casino slots online is a very individual thing. Try as many games as you can and you’ll find the one that suits you.

Do online slots really pay?

The internet offers a large selection of online slots that you can play whenever you like. Choose the best option and start playing actively without any restrictions or difficulties. In 99% of cases, licensed online slots have the same RTP (slot machine payouts), whether they are old or new.

Are online slots rigged?

The presence of games based on a random number ensures that the online institution is fair and transparent, so users can choose slot machine that suits them the most. Players have no fear of being cheated. But the RNG is not just for the players. It is equally important for the casino because it allows the institution to operate without the risk of losing its license.