Best Canadian Casinos Online for 2021

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Online casinos can be extremely exciting websites. They have attracted millions of punters from all over the world during recent years. For this reason, it is natural that people wonder about what is the best online casino Canada of this kind. There are many online casino reviews out there. However, hopefully this article will set things straight.

How to choose the best Canadian online casinos

In general, there are many factors to take into consideration when choosing the best casino sites of this kind. One of them is the availability of games. Most good casinos nowadays can easily offer more than a thousand different forms of entertainment. These catalogues of games can be very diverse, and include titles like:

But of course, quality and quantity are two very different things, and oftentimes they don’t go hand in hand. While having the largest portfolio of games can be a great incentive to convince people to join a certain online casino, it is not the only factor that people should take into consideration.

During recent years, online casinos have needed to innovate in order to offer not only lots of games, but also to make them better and more enjoyable than the ones offered by their competitors. This has been achieved through different factors, such as a fluid gameplay, attractive graphics, and even live features such as live dealers and interaction with fellow players. All these aspects have been introduced with the purpose of trying to reproduce the experience offered by a land-based casino as much as possible. There are many names that have succeeded greatly in this endeavour.

Having a mobile platform is essential for any Canadian online casino to be seriously considered as the best. It is true that nowadays, a majority of the online bookmakers feature their own mobile applications, which are mostly created for iOS and Android devices, as well as their own mobile websites.

The best online casino must exceed in one aspect in order to be considered a great platform. Not only it must offer a mobile website or application. It also must offer games that are optimized and adapted in order to work properly in a large range of tablets and smartphones. It can be quite frustrating for people to download the app of a casino, only to later discover that their device is not capable of running a certain game. In the top platforms of this kind, if a given device is able to support the app itself, it will be also capable of running any form of entertainment offered by the portal.

Licensing and security

Many people tend to be very skeptical about the online casino industry, even about the top online casinos Canada. A lot of individuals tend to think that these websites are inherently unsafe, and they tend to stay as far away from them as possible. Sure, there have been some big scandals. However, there are tons of platforms that are absolutely legit.

In general, as long as a platform has a certification or a license from a reputable government such as Malta, the United Kingdom, or Canada, or from a respected organization like eCOGRA, people can rest assured that they will be able to play and enjoy without any kind of issues. Visitors of these platforms will immediately know whether a certain portal has been licensed or not.

Variety of games offered by good casinos

The top online casinos of the market will offer a great variety not only in terms of the types of games, but also in the specific variations for each one of them. In the best casinos around the Internet, people will be able to encounter things such as hundreds of slot machines, several variations of poker, roulette and blackjack, and countless other games.

Reputation of the online casino industry

The land-based casino industry already has a fair share of detractors that give them bad reviews. However, there are lots of legit casino websites that offer some extremely entertaining games, and more importantly, offer punters the chance to win really amazing prizes. There are many facts that should make people trust in the online casino industry.

For example, there is the aforementioned licensing aspect. Many establishments of this kind have received licenses and certifications of their own, which prove the legitimacy of their operations. These certifications should be enough already to convince people that there are lots of online casinos with great reputation out there.

Security and support offered by online casinos

A good casino will have a dedicated customer support department that can answer questions and solve issues that users might have while they use the platform. Of course, the faster they can solve the problems and answer the questions, the better reviews it will get. For this reason, it is essential to see what kind of channels a certain bookmaker offers to its customers to communicate.

Among the different means of communication that portals can offer, it is possible to encounter things like phone contact, email contact and also live chat. Some websites might offer all of these forms, while others might offer only one or two. In general, the websites of this kind with the highest ratings will offer live chat and phone features. Unlike email, these forms of communication have the advantage that people can get an immediate answer to their issues. There are some platforms that only offer support through email. However, this is not always convenient, as sometimes it is necessary to wait for hours or even days to get an answer, if said answer is obtained at all.

What are the most popular online casino games for Canadians

In general, there are many forms of entertainment that have captured the interest of Canadians and people from the rest of the world. The games that will be mentioned here are offered by most of the top casinos that currently exist.

Slot machines

It is fair to say that virtually any person in the world has tried online slots Canada at some time of their lives. In these fascinating forms of entertainment, people can spin the reels and see how different symbols line up in different paylines in order to provide fantastic rewards.

These games are also very flexible, meaning that people can encounter classical variations, or other more modern ones that usually feature a theme of a current movie, brand, game, among other things. Also, many of these games feature jackpots, which basically are prizes that are continuously growing for every spin that the player makes. At some moment it will be possible to hit the jackpot and win thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.


Usually when asking people to think about a casino Canada, probably the first thing that they will imagine is a roulette spinning. This is an exciting game that has a good deal of luck, but also a good deal of strategy. People must carefully choose the number or group of numbers for which they want to wager on. Also, they must carefully choose how much they would like to bet. In any case, this is a very interesting game that features an unique combination of luck, strategy and talent.


This is a game that has lots of variations. However, the core rules remain more or less the same. Players get a hand made up by a certain number of cards. The purpose of the player is to get 21 when adding the value of the cards in their hand. It is possible to ask the dealer for more cards if the value is less than 21. However, the player must be careful, because if the value of their hand goes over 21, they will immediately lose the game.

This rule might sound quite simple to follow, but this game also has a lot of strategy that must be applied when deciding to ask the dealer for another card, and also when determining how large they want to make their gambling online to be.


This is a game that is also featured in practically any online or land-based casino site. There are lots of variations, but all of them share a set of core rules. In simple terms, by using the cards in the player’s hand, and also the collective cards if they are featured in a given variant, the player must get certain arrangements of cards. Examples of arrangements include doubles, trios, pokers, and many others.

Luck plays a big factor here, because it determines what are the cards that players will get in their hands. However, there is a lot of thinking that must be applied in any round as well, because it is up to the player to decide whether they want to bet in a given round, how much they want to gamble, or if maybe they prefer to fold.


In the same way as it happens with the other games mentioned so far, this is a game with several variations, and the best Internet casino might offer many of them. However, all of them share a few core aspects. In general, many players can share a round with another entity known as the banker. In simple terms, players can decide how much they want to wager, and adjust their hands if the specific variation allows. The result is simple, if players have a hand with a better value than the one of the banker, then the players win.

Bonuses offered by online casinos

Any online Casino canada real money that seriously wants to attract people to its rank must offer some form of bonus or promotion. They are categorized into two broad types. There are incentives for new players to join, which most of the time correspond to an extra amount that depends on how much was added in the first deposit made by newcomers.

The other kind are the Casino bonuses for people who are already members of the casino. They might come in different forms. There are deposit promos, but also no-deposit incentives as well. The latter type might present itself as a free bet opportunity, a set of free spins, free chips, among other variations.

Live dealer casinos

Many casinos have attempted to make the experience of being on their platform as realistic as possible. For this reason, many developers have introduced during recent times games that feature live dealers. These live dealers are real people who work for the online casino. Their job is the same that they would do in a land-based platform.

Depending on the game where they work at, their task might be to draw the cards, shuffle the decks, and they are also expected to interact with the player. This has made the overall experience much closer to the one that people would have in a land-based casino, and it has already been implemented by some of the best portals of this kind.

Payment methods available at Canadian online casinos

Each online casino comes with its own set of payment methods. Usually people appreciate variety. In other words, the larger the amount of available methods, the better. In general, most of the casinos allow their members to make deposits and withdrawals with credit cards and debit cards.

Also, many establishments have partnered with online payment systems and digital wallets to simplify the process of adding and taking money even more. Some examples of systems of this kind that people may encounter include PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, and many others. During recent years, some portals have even introduced cryptocurrencies.

It is always a good idea to be informed about the fees and the limitations in the amount that each gaming platform has. The best casinos in the market tend to state those conditions in a very clear manner.

Legal status of online casinos in Canada

A lot of people ask about what is the legal status of online casinos in Canada. To summarize, making online gambling Canada is totally legal. What is not legal is for private individuals or entities located in the country to offer their own platforms. The only casinos and lottery organizations allowed to operate in Canadian territory are entities organized by individual provinces.

All of this basically means that using casinos in Canada is legal, as long as the service is provided by an establishment run by a provincial government, or by a foreign company. That’s why all the establishments that operate in the country are located outside of Canada.


What is the safest online casino in Canada?

If you’re looking for the safest online casino in Canada that is safe to play at, check out JackpotCity. This is a licensed and legal gaming site owned by the Malta Gambling Authority. The site has a selection of 400+ games and it keeps adding year after year. Another reason JackpotCity is so popular is the high payout percentage of 97.44%.

Do I have to play for real money at a casino?

Speaking of real money casino, it is impossible not to mention such a convenient and useful feature as free play. The meaning of such a mode of play is that in each of the available slot machines there is an opportunity to run with no real money. This model is specially designed for introductory purposes.

Can I play at online casinos using Canadian dollars (CDN)?

You can obviously use Canadian dollars. Some real money casinos allow you to use Canadian dollars for betting. Before you register, go to the casino information page and check if they accept CDNs, this information is normally open to all online Canadian casino users.

Is online casino gambling popular in Canada?

Casinos are very available and very popular. Online gambling is generally legal in Canada, apart from several provincial and municipal laws. Except for a few nuances in Canadian law, citizens are given a freedom to bet on sports, play poker, or enjoy the best casino gambling online.